Companion Captive

Agent showing senior couple a formCompanion Captive Insurance Company (CCIC) is a South Carolina-domiciled, segregated, account -sponsored reinsurance facility.

Affiliated with Companion Life Insurance Company, CCIC offers flexibility and convenience without the capitalization expenses or administrative duties required in establishing a traditional captive. Qualifying clients can make use of this facility to meet their financing and cash flow needs. Risk is funded and managed through a segregated account captive cell.

Why South Carolina?

South Carolina offers forward-thinking sponsored captive legislation and a rigorous, yet progressive regulatory environment. It also offers an experienced professional infrastructure that is supportive of captive business. Companion has a long history of active participation in the South Carolina insurance marketplace.


  • Simplicity of administration
  • Direct cost savings
  • Potential for enhanced investment income
  • Statutory and contractual protections from other participants
  • Multiple selected and approved service providers
  • Ability to insure multi-state operations and risks that are difficult to insure
  • Ability to insure multiple coverage lines
  • Flexibility in structuring your program
  • Increased ability to manage and control losses
  • Availability of multiple top-rated fronting and excess carriers
  • A Captive service team of industry leaders

We can design a Captive solution that is cost-effective and easy to administer.

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