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Agent of Record

Guidelines for Agent of Record Change

If a group wishes to change agents, they must submit an Agent of Record (AOR) letter to Companion Life. This letter is a formal document that indicates the group’s choice of agents. Companion Life Insurance Company will accept AOR letters subject to these procedures.

Submit all AOR requests in letter format from the group, on the group’s letterhead. They must include the group’s name, all group numbers and divisions, the new agent’s name and Companion Life’s agent number. The group administrator or an officer of the group must sign the letter. Please note that Companion Life will only transfer the group numbers and divisions listed on the AOR. Mail the letter directly to our Agent Licensing department at the address on this page or scan and email it to

When Companion Life receives an AOR letter, commission changes for the group will become effective on the first day of the second month following receipt of the AOR letter. For example, if Companion Life receives an AOR letter on June 29, the commission would become effective for the new agent on August 1. Please note, it is the agent’s responsibility to check all future commission statements to make sure any changes are correct. For agents new to Companion Life, we will not process AOR requests until we receive all required agent appointment paperwork.

We will notify the current agent as soon as we receive an AOR letter. In order to prevent any gap in commissions, the current agent will have 10 business days from the date of the notification to send in a request to rescind the previous AOR request. Submit all requests to rescind an AOR request in letter format on the group’s letterhead. The group administrator or an officer of the group must sign the letter. If we do not receive a rescinding letter within the 10-day time frame, the commission change will take effect as indicated.

Companion Life will recognize the new agent as the new Agent of Record for the group as soon as we receive the signed AOR change letter.

Direct all AOR change requests to:

Companion Life Insurance Company
Attention: Agent Licensing
P.O. Box 100102
Columbia, SC  29202-3102

800-753-0404, ext. 45004