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Census Enrollment Option

You can use spreadsheet enrollment to enroll new groups of 10 or more employees for any combination of these Companion Life coverages (all must be non-contributory or contributory). You can also use spreadsheet enrollment for Voluntary Dental as long as it is not dual option.
Please note: You will need Microsoft Excel to open these documents.

Instructions for completion of Companion Life Census Enrollment Forms:

  • Complete for applicable sections based on the type of enrollment request.
  • Save the spreadsheet with a different name. (Select File, Save As, and create a new name such as ABC Group.xls).
  • Email the spreadsheet to  

In addition to the spreadsheet enrollment file, please submit:

For Dental Takeover Benefits when replacing existing group coverage, include:

  • A copy of the most recent premium statement of the current carrier, listing names of the participants (including their effective dates of coverage).
  • The current dental certificate booklet. If the prior carrier's bill does not include the effective date of coverage, please note this information next to each employee's name. This will ensure correct credit for transfer of benefits. Please note: The current dental plan must have been in effect continuously for at least 12 months prior to the effective date of this plan. Please see our brochure or your proposal for details.

Beneficiary Designations:

  • Employer must maintain beneficiary designations on file to submit at time of death claim. Voluntary coverage (Life, STD, LTD) for which employees pay 100 percent of the cost of the premium, and dual option voluntary dental coverage require the completion of individual enrollment forms and may NOT be enrolled by a spreadsheet.

My Benefits Companion:

  • You can use My Benefits Companion, Companion Life's online administration system, for changes (additions, terminations, etc.) to existing group coverage.