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Companion Life Networks

Man and woman look at Companion Life policyEyeMed Vision Care

Unlike other programs that may restrict provider options, Vision by Design offers a nationwide network of  accessible options for eye care offered through EyeMed Vision Care. Insureds have access to thousands of vision care providers including optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and many optical locations. 

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In the majority of states, the Companion Life Dental Insurance plan includes participation in the DenteMax dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). DenteMax is a leading dental PPO with over 260,000 dental access points nationwide.

Policyholders have the freedom to select any dentist, those who visit a DenteMax dentist may save money! DenteMax dentists have agreed to accept as payment in full a discounted fixed fee schedule for the services they perform and will never collect more than the DenteMax fee for the procedure performed -- no "balance billing."

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South Carolina Dental PPO Network.


Ear Professionals International Corporation (EPIC) is the nation’s largest coalition of hearing health care physicians and audiologists. EPIC physicians pioneered and developed many of the current treatments and are recognized nationally as leaders in professional education, hearing diagnostics and interventions.

To learn more, visit or read about it Epic Hearing Services.

Provider Directories

DenteMax Provider Directory

The information included in the DenteMax directory is updated twice per month and is accurate to the best of Companion Life Insurance Company’s knowledge, as of the “Last updated” date on DenteMax’s provider directory website. Covered persons or prospective covered persons should consult the electronic provider directory on the DenteMax website, or call the DenteMax customer service telephone number to obtain the current provider directory information.

Zelis Provider Directory

CEC Provider Directory

Linneo Provider Directory

Network Access Plans

Colorado DenteMax Network Access Plan

Colorado Zelis Network Access Plan

Colorado EyeMed Network Access Plan

Colorado Linneo Network Access Plan

Non-Discrimination and Foreign Language Access Notice