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Here are some frequently asked questions about Vision by Design:

How do I find a provider?

There are three easy ways:

  1. On the Web at
  2. Our ID card brochure provides names and locations of nearby providers.
  3. Speak to a representative at 866-723-0513 seven days a week.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary at most provider locations, but it’s always best to schedule an appointment for an eye exam. For freedom of scheduling, many providers have evening and weekend hours.

How does the provider know I have Vision by Design coverage?

At the time of service, present your ID card or simply provide your name and ID number to the provider. The provider will then verify your eligibility.

Do I have to receive all services at one location?

You can choose to receive all services at one provider location or receive an exam at one location and purchase materials at another within the plan frequency period.

How do I use an out-of–network provider?

If your plan has this option, you will need to get an out-of-network claim form by printing a copy from the EyeMed website or by calling our Customer Care Center. Simply pay in full at time of service and then submit the claim form and receipts to EyeMed for reimbursement.

What else can I do on the EyeMed Web site?

EyeMed’s website,, gives you information about your vision care plan whenever you need it. Through the secure password-protected site, registered members can:

  • View eye care and eyewear information
  • View their specific benefits and how to access them
  • Check services for which they are eligible
  • Use the provider locator to find nearby providers by ZIP code
  • Request an ID card
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