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Voluntary Dental

Dental toolsAlmost everyone has a dental problem at some point, but only half see their dentists for regular visits. Instead, they wait until the problem gets bigger and more costly. All because they don't have dental insurance. That doesn't have to happen with a Voluntary Dental plan from Companion Life.

Companion Life offers two voluntary dental plans — the Premier Plan and the Advantage Plan. Both plans are available for groups with either three employees or 20 percent of the eligible group participating, whichever amount is greater. Both plans feature a lifetime deductible of only $100.00 per person.

Our voluntary plans offer takeover benefits, and both plans let you visit the dentist of your choice! Companion Life's Premier Plan offers an orthodontia benefit as an employer-selected option.

Companion Life Dental voluntary plans also include Global Emergency ServicesVision Discount Plan and Hearing Services Plan. These value-added plans are offered at not additional charge!

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